Imagine you're sitting at the comfort of your home either by yourself or with family. Enjoying a relaxing evening after a busy day at work during the weekdays - or weekends in anytime of the day. Holding a Smartphone on the palm of your hand with just a tap away you can order a car cleaning, repair and maintenance services right at your doorsteps!

In a city where everything comes together, there is a new rise in town. Emerging  the on-demand Carbox Services, a mobile car cleaning, hassle-free and convenient car care company designed for the distinguished people of today.

We are currently entering a new era of technological advancement. Depending heavily on Smartphone's to go about our daily lives, that's why we have decided to introduce an EPIC, our most advanced application on the market. The 'Carbox App', the good news it's available for free to the entire community on both Android and Apple iOS devices.

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It's tough in Dubai to find a good trusted car services. In your own life time, probably you have experienced taking your cherished car to a 'Wash Station'. Your car may have witnessed a devastating damages by lack of professionalism among technicians. For example, after the car wash, the paint on your car's body shows visible signs of scratches, wheels are still dirty, clearly your car's interior is not properly cleaned and the constant use high volume of water consumption which is against the environment.   

You were never happy with your car's cleaning outcome, so you have decided to take the matters into your own hands by washing your car yourself at home. First thing that you've done is some research on How to wash my Car? And then later you have discovered it's not easy as it sounds!

Forget all the hassle of taking your car to the wash station or even consider washing it by yourself.  Because with Carbox App it's designed to make your lifemuch easier and more enjoyable,  therefore all car care and related services are available at your fingertips.

You're planning on taking your whole family for a lovely night out but your car feels extremely dirty? Of course you cannot have your family sitting inside a filthy car! If you're wondering  what lies hidden beneath/ in between your leather seats, from different types of bacteria and tiny parasites found living on textiles inside of every car.

Only a few hours until the city lights turns dark. Don't feel concerned about what to do, you can simply grab your Smartphone, tap on Carbox App and order an Express Car Care Service, that's because your car deserves the best! You hear the Carbox car sound engine at your doorsteps, arriving 'on-demand', while expert trained technicians appearing anxiously ready to take on all your car cleaning and services related matters.

There is still enough time to drive through the endless road... With Express Box service it will takes roughly around 45 minutes to get your car looking like brand new! Say goodbye to traditional car cleaning techniques. Carbox mobile car which is fully equipped with state of the art technology, by using Eco-friendly steam cleaning systems that have the ability to remove dirt and road grime without damaging your car's paint. Steam saves water which uses less than 5 liter per vehicle, saving around 200 liter of water compared to car washing stations.

Accessible Payment Methods

Carbox App enables users easy access to various ways of payment. Services can be paid either by app payment, card payment, cash on delivery, through loyalty points or it can be done by a quick pay via an Etisalat postpaid bill.

If your car requires full body steam cleaning, detailing, electrical/ mechanical maintenance, oil change, body repair, cambelt repair or tinting. Just pick up your Smartphone and start ordering our premium on-site services through Carbox mobile app and we will be right at your doorsteps to make your car look shiny!

For any Car service order or inquiries, please contact / 600 541 004